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By Holly:

Letter From My Older Self (Reflections from the future about quitting a 13-year career and becoming a stay-at-home mom at almost 40)

The 3 Letter Word We All Use Daily That Has the Power to Hold Us Back (A challenge to the belief that we have to make the one perfect decision)

The Problem With Being Good at Things (What are gifts, really?  Is it a gift if you don’t have to depend on God to do it?)

How to Live Life Hungry (On fasting and how we strive to always be full)

Kari’s Favorite Post by Holly:  The Hardest Things to Believe

By Kari:

What Happens When You Meet Your Spouse for the First Time…After 20 Years of Marriage (Learning new ways to communicate with your spouse)

3 Ways to Encounter Peace (Finding peace in the chaos)

And She Wants to Be Like Me (Mothers and daughters)

My New Ab Workout (On digging deep within and naming our messes)

Holly’s Favorite Post by Kari:  Are You Sick of Being a Control Freak? Try This.

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