Published Work

The blogging community is a generous and empowering one.  We have been honored to be guest writers on some of our favorite sites. (Click on the purple titles to check out these amazing blogs):

The Art of Simple:  Holly’s Story of Shedding the Excess Stuff by Holly

Jen Pollock Michel:  Found Wanting: I Didn’t Want to Find Out What I Wanted by Holly

Be, Mama.  Be.  (Cara Meredith):  Desire by Kari

Songbird and a Nerd (Lindsey Smallwood) :  liturgical dancing, a bike light and enya by Kari

You Are Here Stories:  Alone in an Unlikely Place by Holly

Be, Mama. Be.  (Cara Meredith):  A Machine’s Aging Heart by Holly

Be, Mama Be.  (Cara Meredith):  Rituals: Training by Kari

Sarah Siders:  The Problem With Being Good at Things by Holly

You Are Here Stories:  Rotating Places, Rotating Faces by Holly

Follow the GLS Blog:  Changed By Great Leaders by Holly

Circling the Story:  Wandering Home by Holly

Maryandering Creatively:  4 Things I Learned From Hating to Read by Holly