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 Meet KariKari Small

I’ve kept a journal since I was a young girl; writing has always been a part of me.  But I hid it.  I didn’t know what vulnerability meant and I surely didn’t know how to let people truly see me.  I appeared to have it all together as a kid and even young adult, but something was missing, even though I knew Jesus.  When I came face-to-face with my battle with depression in 2013 God began to pull back the blinders I had been living with my whole life; shame, self-deprecation, limiting self-beliefs.  Now, I am getting braver in addressing who I really am in Christ and expressing myself through my poetry, spoken-word and love for classic literature.  I live in Bonney Lake, WA with my husband (who is an amazing pastor) of 20 years, our 4 terrific kids and our 1982 Westfalia Vanagon.  I am a northwest girl through and through; I love rain, hiking, camping and coffee.



Meet Holly H1

Like Kari, I have been journaling for many years.  But, because I struggled with English courses in school while math and science came easy to me, I did not engage my desire to write until later in life.  I used to define myself by career success (my pridentity), and I used to associate vulnerability with weakness.  But, through faith, relationships, writing and trials, I am discovering that vulnerability is a courageous path to freedom, connection and my true identity in God.  I am a mom to two inspiring girls, a physical therapist, and a lover of story, 5am, musical theater, Oprah chai tea and Theo dark chocolate.  After more than a decade in the Seattle area, I still don’t drink coffee or carry an umbrella.  But, I do love running in the rain and think that 65 degrees and partly cloudy is a nice day.

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  1. Holly,
    I’m in for the ride with you two, I’ll love reading and thinking…maybe a bit from afar, but still…your thoughts reasonate. So write on!

  2. Thanks for letting me share this journey with the two of you~ I truly understand the “just right”, thing.
    God bless you both 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this with me, and opening up your heart to heal not only yourself but others as well experiencing similar pains. (I myself am one of them)

  4. I love what you’re doing Kari and am very proud of you. It’s been a year but the journey keeps going. I hope that is true expression of the real you only leads to more authenticity with yourself and others.

    With love,


  5. Cool site you got here Kari. Since the 1st grade you have always been a very sweet wonderful person.

  6. Thank you for inviting me to follow the two of you. Kari, I guess I never knew this side of you. A side so human and inspiring! God bless you on this journey. I know you will inspire me, as you always have.. but now, you will inspire me to also become the me I was meant to be.

  7. Could I possibly use the word “inspire” or “inspiring” more than I did just then? It’s heartfelt, that much is true!!!

  8. Patty I love you! I am so glad you are following our blog. I hope you are well. It will make you smile to know that those crazy tights you gave me like a decade ago, the colorful/tattoo looking tights, I still wear them and always get comments. They are my total fav tights!

  9. Kari. I have known you “forever”!!! I love you to the core. I have always looked up to you and admired you. My admiration has swelled with reading this. You are amazing and I am so glad you are sharing with others. Miss you tons, long distance hugs. Many great memories of making cookies/brownies and other messes in the kitchens of our loving moms!!!

  10. Kari, your honesty is truly inspiring! Since becoming a stay at home mom a couple years ago and struggling with depression and a difficult marriage, I reached the end of what I could handle and had to find help. God has been amazing and I feel that I am also on a new journey discovering Him and who He really made me. It is so encouraging to read about your journey and your beautiful writing. Thank you both for your blog!!

  11. Oh Becki! I am so glad you are following me. So much of who I am began on those little streets of Bromil and Kearn. Playing fire-muster in our wagons, clipping kool-aid coupons with your mom, the games of UNO, making cookies, when Joe Carlos put the addition on your house, and listening to Kenny Rogers are some of my favorite childhood memories. Sending you hugs as well sweet girl!

  12. Elizabeth, first of all congratulations on being a mommy! I know you must be an amazing one. And I bet your parents and the Powells are having such a great time being grandparents. Please tell your mom and Deanna hello. You can totally pass on my blog to them and anyone else too.

    I am glad you were able to reach out and get help with your depression. You know who originally helped me with my diagnosis when I thought I was going crazy 15 years ago when my first-born was a baby? Ron Rasmussen! He pointed me in the direction to get help that I needed and shared with me his struggles with anxiety and depression. I had no clue what depression really was.

    Thank you so much for reading. I am growing right along with you as I continue to embrace this beautiful freedom in Christ to be ME! You are beautiful, girl! Love, Kari

  13. Holly-
    I just read your guest post on “The Art of Simple.” Thank you for sharing. I was going to e-mail you, but didn’t see a “contact us” button. I am an Ohio girl who lives south of Seattle now too. 🙂

    -Bobbie Jo

  14. So proud of you! I love the blog and am inspired by your thoughtful reflections on both the small and big moments of life. Keep on sharing!

  15. Holly, the fact you don’t carry an umbrella means you’ve become a real Washingtonian (or at least are on your way!). Umbrellas are the way to spot the tourists and newbies. 🙂

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