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We have been blessed by many encouraging, kind and welcoming writers who have shared their space with us.   And, we want to pass it on.  We would love to share your words about vulnerability, shame, faith or freedom.

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If you would like to be a guest writer for Dreadlocks and Goldilocks:

1.  Please familiarize yourself with our writing to ensure that your piece is a good fit.  If you are new to our site, you can find our most popular posts here.  ***We are currently accepting entries for a series of guest posts that start with the prompt “In 2015, I learned…”. Entry deadline is 1/20/16.

2.  While we welcome pieces with a spiritual bend, we do not require this.   (But, please refrain from submitting pieces with a preachy or judgy tone!)

3.  Please keep submissions to 700 words or less, and please submit original (not previously published on your blog or elsewhere) content.

4.  Please also include a short bio, picture of yourself, and website/social media links in your submitted piece.

5.  To submit, copy text from your document into the body of an email (please do not attach Word documents, etc.) and send to us at:  dreadlocksandgoldilocks@gmail.com (you can attach your photo)

6.  We reserve the right to edit as we feel necessary but will do our best to communicate with you regarding any changes, and we will respond to your emailed submission within 2 weeks.

Want to see an example?  Read this guest post here.

Looking for guest writers for your site?  Just send us an email.



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