Write For You Experience

Do you feel alone with your story? Do you feel unknown, hidden or lost?

Write For You may be for you!

What It Is

A half day mind<->body experience integrating writing and mindfulness to embark upon a journey to self-trust. Themes of openness, presence and letting go will be practiced, in the context of learning to trust the self God created you to be. We will work through the themes by practicing a mindfulness/meditation technique, and writing exercise related to the theme, then sharing our experiences in a safe, vulnerable, loving environment.

Who It’s For

She feels alone with her story. She feels unknown, hidden or lost. She carries shame because of trauma, betrayal, life experiences and/or childhood wounds. She was rejected and abandoned, manipulated and abused, or left behind. If you are this woman, my prayer is for you to see the spark within you, and for the words you write to lead you to the truer, stronger, purer voice that God gave you. I pray for you to feel your heart beat again. And to trust it.


Saturday, October 21, 9:00am-1:00pm (light lunch provided)


Outpatient Physical Therapy – Puyallup

2930 South Meridian Street, Suite 120, Puyallup, WA, 98373


Pay as you want. Trust yourself and pay what feels right to you. (You can pay on the day of the workshop. I accept cash, check and PayPal payments.)


Sign up by emailing me directly: holly4peas@gmail.com

Questions? Can’t attend that day but would like to attend sometime? Email me!