Where’s My Mirror? I Gotta Cry

by Kari

As a child, my parents would sometimes find me in my room, on my bed, with a mirror in hand.  I wasn’t fixing my hair, was too young to have makeup.  For some odd reason this little girl liked looking in the mirror and crying.  I’m not exactly sure what I was feeling at the time, but the reality of emoting with myself was powerful nonetheless.  Thanks Mom and Dad for not interrupting these little practice sessions!


Cry Practice

Alone in my room
my Barbies and I
some deep thing looms
a mirror I spy

Study my face
not really the point
stuck in this place
reach inside, disjoint

Mixing ingredients
within my head
no need to expedient
not time for bed

Pucker those lips
scrunch those brows
breath does flips
now try a scowl

Produce a tear
it feels good
to cry right here
with myselfhood

Childhood now past
these episodes funny
parents remember fast
“that was so cute honey”

Cry practice don’t shun
no longer disprove
maybe even fun
my childlikeness improve


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